dynaMigs.net takes data migrations ahead safely

Proven efficient:
the dynaMigs.net migration concept

First, we analyse your individual initial situation and base our migration plan on this. We record all source-target relationships in our individually developed planning and control tool. This serves as a dashboard for the individual steps during the project. All individual parameters (such as your guidelines, limits to the source-target systems, performance, etc.) are considered and the migration steps are created individually. Our specialists pack connected migrations into individual packages or partial migrations.

We prepare all partial migrations using a pre-copy procedure. On the day of the data move, the work packages are changed over to the new storage medium in an automated manner so that your systems can continue to run with minimal interruption.

You will receive individual reporting and monitoring for every partial migration. We are at your side with support and advice during the entire project.

More about our migration procedure with that your data will be moved quicker and safer to the new storage system.
Our method includes:
Consultation by
migration specialists
Analysis of the
initial situation
Detailed planning
Change management
according to ITIL
Migration preparation/
pre-copy for low
changeover time
Switchover to the
productive system
Verification (optional)
Clean-up (optional)
Throughout the entire project we guarantee complete availability and support.
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Why you can trust dynaMigs.net migration specialists

The complexity of the systems, digital and global networking and the incompatibility of different storage systems are often difficult to predict at the start of a project and may jeopardise migration success. Umlaut problems, link loops and deep nesting of files frequently occur. Distributed file systems (DFS) lead to planning changes or files are suddenly gone (see case study automobile manufacturer). dynaMigs.net prevents these risks through analyses and data cleaning. The actual migration then occurs automated and smoothly. Our specialists guarantee on-time delivery and revision-proof copied data. This saves time and costs.

Our specialists guarantee you timeliness and audit-proof copied data. You will be able to save time and valuable budget.

Full service migration with minimal downtime

Are you planning a hardware refresh for you or your customers? Or have you experienced difficulties during your current data migration such as DFS namespaces or link loops, etc?
With our manufacturer-independent migration concept, we gladly take on any complex migration project. As full-service specialists, we provide validated migrations – holistically and individually. Thanks to the high degree of automation, we only need a few experienced specialists. We constantly develop our programs and tools.

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