The timetable for your
sucessful data migration

Design phase

Experts on your side

Analysis of the
initial situation
Analysis process
Our migration experts initially analyse the system and network architecture of the material to be migrated. How are the systems linked? Who has access to the different systems and software products? What does the rights structure look like? Where and how are the files saved? Are there aliases, links or firewalls? Where are the servers located, how are the connections realised? Should data be consolidated, etc.?
All the data obtained is transferred into a database and used as a basis for the automated data migration.

Despite of this detailed analysis it only takes us a few days to compile all data. So we can promptly start with your project securely.

Our specialists put individual migration steps together into bundles according to the analysis. Your guidelines, appointments, production steps, etc. are considered here. This helps us ensure your optimal workflow.
The automated data migration is based on the detailed analysis as well as documentation. This rules out errors, accelerates procedures and migration processes and is transparent for all parties. It saves personnel resources, time and therefore your budget. Besides you receive increased planning security.

Also the planning will be completed in just a few weeks, so that there are no limits for your project to start.

Detailed planning
For more information please contact us or read more about our project planning and automation processes.
Implementation phase

Rely on perfection

Change management
Change management according to ITIL (optional)
A team of change management experts coordinates the system changeovers personally with your affected technical experts. Depending on your requests and guidelines, information is initially provided or reminders are sent out. We consider your individual parameters so that every affected person is informed about the processes, and questions can be cleared up.
Get convinced of our change management service.
Migration preparation / pre-copy for low switchover time
To perform the switchover, with the least possible impact, we migrate a majority of the data before the actual switchover. Errors are repaired immediately, and punctuality is guaranteed.

Migration preparation

We determine the switchover time on your new system together with you. We frequently migrate on the weekends so that your system users are not impaired. We copy your programs, systems and files automatically with our independently developed tools and scripts on the new server structure. And this is possible from anywhere in the world – wherever you may be!
Operational phase

Enjoy comprehensive support

We offer personal technical support for our customers and suppliers throughout the complete project. During the migration respectively the move on weekends, we assign an additional permanent project director who coordinates and controls the migration.
dynaMigs.net has developed a unique scan mechanism. This allows a review of the proper transmission of the data within the shortest amount of time – without having to read through the entire database again. This gives you certainty and provides a quality management benefit: Your data will be copied automated and fully validated; without any additional downtime.
Do you wish to know how the verification works? Click here.


After a grace period according to your requirements, the migrated data will be deleted from the source systems to relieve these systems. All the data created during the migration (such as log files, scan results, etc.) will be consolidated and provided to the customer for archiving and later viewing.

Always on board: your security

Rollback: In case something goes wrong, you have the possibility to return to your source system again at any time.