Who we are

Let’s introduce ourselves

dynaMigs.net is an international team of IT-experts with years of experience in their field and fresh ideas to optimize existing and new IT-environments. We are happy that more and more quck-thinking and creative IT-colleagues, plus some well structured organizational talents have found their way to us in our team in Gräfefing just outside of Munich. The foundation of our work is a very analytical approach in preparing new projects, a reliable and transparent communication and deep knowledge of what we do

We develop our tools and scripts continously and we are able to automate work processes to be managed online anywhere in the world. After solving various complex issues together, we have grown strong relationships to some of the market-leading storage manufacturers.

We work with clients all over the world, global players and mid-sized companies from various industries, like automobile groups, insurance companies, hardware manufacturers, software developers, hospitals, etc. They appreciate our quality, our safety-approach, and our service.

Company Development

The four company founders Ralf Draeger, Andreas Feile, Michael Krett and Matthias Weidmann met many years ago when all four of them were working for a well-known American storage manufacturer as external IT experts. All four worked on the same complicated, large project. To meet the tight time schedule they developed tools to automate and execute the complex migration steps exclusively for this project. Consequently they managed to copy many Petabyes without loss in only 1.5 years by monitoring worldwide, globally automating the provisioning process and implementing virtualization to optimize ressource usage.

When the project came to a close in 2015, they founded dynaMigs.net GmbH to preserve the gained knowledge and develop it further together.