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Storage Management

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NAS, SAN and Object Storage Management:
On Premise and in the Cloud

Hardware check
Which hardware solution fits best? We check whether the existing hardware or the new hardware is fit to meet your requirements.

Solution design
We define necessary configuration parameters based on your requirements and preliminary testings.

Replacement of manual intervention with script-controlled processes: That’s how we standardize system configurations, reduce complexity, eliminate error sources and increase reliability.

Re-configuring the existing storage devices to be used in an optimal way.

Data Analytics

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Analysis and Reporting of unstructured Data Sets 

Analysis of the NAS data: By applying our “Stormax” tool, all files of the selected systems can be mapped and analyzed according to individual focal points (e.g. type, size, age, last access, rights structure, etc.).

Performance Optimization
Can the system performance be improved by changing the data structure? Certain data structures cause performance drops in some NAS systems (e.g. high number of files in a directory). An analsis reveals potential causes and makes improvement possible.

S3 Check
Not every cloud provider offers the same type of attributes for objects. Our S3 check makes it easier to chose among new providers and helps avoiding surprises in a datamigration.


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Extended Monitoring and evaluation of all parameters relevant to operation

Central storage of all parameters
Central collection of configuration parameters across all systems, continuous alignment with target values.

Finding objects
Tool to localize any objects in the systems network based on the data collected.

Automatic maintenance of inventory databases
Integration of the collected data in ITIL databases, e.g. CMDB.

Automatic gicket beneration/alerting
Tickets can be generated automatically and alerts will be triggered based on the collected data.

Transfer to monitoring solutions
Implementation and operation of monitoring solutions such as Nagios/OMD, Icinga, etc. based on the collected data.

Early detection of problems
Collection of all log files from IT-systems, even those without central syslog. Higher precision in the analysis of  problems. Proactive check for potential repetition of known error on new systems.

Log file analysis
Log file hand-over to analysis tools such as Splunk or VMware Aria Operations for Logs.


#VMware #Proxmox #VDI #VMmigration #VMwareAlternative #Vagrant #Virtualbox

Management of Server- and Desktop-Virtualizations

Planning: virtualization concepts
Setup and operation of ESX- and Proxmox-based virtualization clusters.

Setup and operation: virtualization environments
Conceptual design of virtualization after a detailed analysis of requirements. Operational support with all associated tasks can be provided by dynaMigs.

VM migration: physical to virtual
We analyze application requirements to migrate physical servers to appropriate VMs.

Migration: ESX VMs to Proxmox VMs
In many cases, it is possible to migrate VMs that are running under ESX to a Proxmox environment. We analyze the requirements and our team performs the migration, which entitles potential cost savings.

Set-up: Local virtual test and development clusters
Set of VMs and appliances required for test and development environments can be automatically deployed and configured.


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Structuring IT processes and reducing manual intervention

Script-controlled interconnection and tool-based operation of a wide range of IT resources, individually adapted to the customers needs. Integration of existing tools such as Ansible, Nagios/Icinga etc.

Parallelization to save time and money
Parallelization of even geographically spread IT-processes and administrative IT-tasks will reduce time expenses.

Centralized control
Implementation of one central point from which all administrative IT-processes are controlled, regardless of where they take place or on which operating system they run (Windows/Linux).

Simplification of IT processes
Retrieving data from an exceptionally wide variety of sources enables us of fully automating IT-processes.

Data Migration

#Migration #AuditProof #NAS #SAN #Automation #Projektmanagement #Change Management

Audit-Proof Migration of Unstructured Data

Vendor independant
Data Migration from “anywhere” to “anywhere”: We are specialized in migrating unstrucutred data within highly complex IT landscapes involving e.g. different vendors and hybrid environments.

“Tailor-made” migrations
Our migration method is individually customized to fit the customer’s specific IT- environment, process architecture and individual need.

NAS, SAN, Cloud
We are technology independent and migrate structured or unstructured data as well as cloud-based storage.

Multi-protocol (CIFS/SMB, NFS)
Our tools migrate both CIFS/SMB, NFS and multi-protocol file systems and retain the original rights structure.

Automated migration processes
Our migration processes are highly automated. That enables parallel switchovers and reduces susceptibility to errors.

Seamless documentation
Every detail in the migration process is documented automatically. Our reporting tool immediately detects copying errors or deviations in the process.

An error-free transfer of data and metadata is documented by an independent tool.

Migration challenges in peripheral technical areas
We execute migrations even in difficult cases, involving e.g. FLR file systems, Dell/EMC Centeras or special applications.


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