Service for Data Storage


We find optimized solutions for the storage sector when changes are necessary or challenges arise.


Short-term and fast support based on many years of experience in solving a wide range of storage problems.

Personnel Shortages

Experienced replacement during sudden personnel shortages.
Short- or long-term support from our team.

Complicated Storage

Get assistance to solve difficult storage processes caused by various storage vendors, too many different applications, widely spread storage locations or
divergent storage technologies.

We organise large amounts of data for you – automated and cost-cutting

Companies in the insurance, technology and automotive sectors have trusted our services for years. Click here for our references and partners

Why working with dynaMigs.net?

  • detailed data analysis with Komprise
  • independent of manufacturer and platform
  • parallel and automated data moves
  • revision-proof copied data
  • rollback to source system possible at any time
  • increase in quality through automation
  • savings in time and costs
  • over 30 years of experience

The dynaMigs.net tool set

Secure, thought out and automated. That’s how projects with dynaMigs.net work.

  • data analysis with Komprise
  • dynaPlan (as cockpit for migration)
  • experienced project managers
  • change management according to ITIL
  • individual monitoring / reporting
  • parallel and automatic processes
  • automatic checks
  • automatic task processing
  • intelligent log processing
  • inspected user access
  • verification and quality control

Management Team

Founder and
Technical Director

Managing Director and
Head of Development

Managing Director and
Head of Human Resources

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