Your project – automatically reliably planned

Project management

Successful project planning

Your data can only be brought to its destination securely and punctually with the aid of polished project management. Particularly when organising large IT projects (such as the classic data migration), experienced project planners are needed so that schedules can be complied with, all participants are informed, and activities can be organised.

Our project managers analyse and plan your individual migration project in accordance with your time and contextual requirements. The project steps are divided into reasonable work packages and partial areas. All project procedures and processes are documented.

Analysis and planning

Through the high degree of automation quality and processes stay on a continous high level. By this your project sucess becomes plannable.

Detailed planning

Project automation

Successful projects with the push of a button

We work out the recurring processes to automate your project and bundle them into automation modules. We adjust our tools to your individual environment or project.
dynaPlan, our superior planning and control software, regulates the individual automation modules and perform the project steps and partial migrations.

All project participants can view a shared database at any time (depending on access management), so that everyone can see the current project status. This offers you a high level of transparency and coordination options. The quality and processes remain at a consistently high level throughout this automation. Your project success can therefore be planned. project management and project automation can also be booked individually (independent of a data migration).

In case we may organize your IT project securely and structurally, please contact us.

Unerringly project succes with

  • efficient planning
  • transparency
  • one database as a source of information for everyone
  • continuity
  • ressource-saving
  • quality improvement
  • speed gains
  • verification of data