with planning to more quality

Detailed planning

Project automation

Successful migration projects at the push of a button

Project automation works like an intelligent conveyor belt that links your existing systems and can automatically control them one after the other or in parallel.

Almost every project has processes that can be automated with database support. We pick out these and save valuable resources in the daily processes. To automate your project, we filter the recurring tasks and bundle them into automation modules. We adapt our tools to your individual environment or project.

Finally, dynaPlan, our planning and control software, controls the individual automation modules and executes the project steps and partial migrations.

All project participants can be granted access to a common database at any time (depending on access management). In this way, everyone is shown the current project status. This offers you maximum transparency and coordination possibilities.

Through the automation of activities, quality and processes remain at a continuously high level. Your project success can thus be planned.

  • Cost reduction through time saving
  • highest quality standards
  • planning reliability
  • repeatable / scalable
  • database-supported
  • interface to your current systems
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