Intelligent Data Management: Data Analysis and Data Tiering

Intelligent File Organization for NAS and Cloud: Data Analysis, Data Management, Data Tiering

Intelligent data management for NAS and cloud environments

According to estimates by IDC analysts, the worldwide volume of data will increase to around 143 zettabytes by 2024!

A rapid growth in data that, according to studies by IDC analysts, will be further fuelled by the Internet of Things, sensor technologies and advancing digitalisation. They have found out that approx. 60-90% of all company data – an exorbitantly high percentage – is cold data. In other words, data that is not or only rarely used. This data can be identified by means of intelligent data management software and silently transferred to inexpensive storage. In this way, costs for expensive storage can be saved and at the same time a transparent overview of the current data stock can be generated. Analyses of file types, automatic archiving and much more are also possible.

  • Reduce storage costs
  • More data transparency
  • Deep data analyses (user-defined queries, virtual data lake for Big Data and AI projects)
  • Automatic archiving
  • no interruption
  • no interference on hot data
  • extensive support

Komprise provides the software, dynaMigs the know-how

Komprise’s intelligent data management software gives you an overview of the data of all NAS and S3 files – in the cloud and on traditional data storage. This makes it easy to identify savings and archive cold data – systematically, transparently and without interruption. Analyse, archive, migrate, replicate and manage data easily and reliably at scale.

dynaMigs specialises in data analysis and data migration of unstructured data in complex storage environments. We supply the software, help you with the installation and support you with our extensive storage experience. We are also happy to help you with the configuration or even the interpretation of the results. If required, we offer training, support or the complete rollout.

With the browser-based software, it will be easy for you to achieve your key figures, reduce costs and simply archive cloud and NAS data automatically.

Komprise Cloud Vernetzung

Data management software

The ideal tool for your overview

Data analysis

A detailed overview of all stored data

The software enables dynamic data analysis of your entire storage. You get a comprehensive overview of all stored files, on Multicloud and NAS systems. This allows you to identify potential savings, systematically archive cold data and store hot data on high-performance systems. The software even calculates a cost forecast for the use of storage capacities based on your user behaviour or the growing accumulation of data.



Differentiated data analysis gives you a clear overview of data usage across the entire NAS and S3 storage system. You can easily run through scenarios to reduce costs before purchasing larger storage units.


Across multiple cloud systems, you can transparently analyse your data - even within cloud accounts and buckets. This forms the basis for data restructuring and cost reductions.


Search billions of files with custom queries and tags. Create a virtual data lake for Big Data and AI projects.

Archiving & Migration

Transparent data storage technology

Cold data is seamlessly archived to your chosen locations so users won’t know the difference. No agents, stubs or interference on hot data.



Finally, users and apps can access archived files exactly as before - workflows remain unaffected.


Read archived files from secondary storage with all their metadata and full MD5 replay integrity.


Hot data is not interfered with. No rehydration for data access.

Access & cost plans

Direct data access from anywhere

Access stored data wherever it is archived at any time without rehydration. Because your moved data is always intact, you can extract it with both file and native access and without degradation.



Easily access moved files from the original location or the cloud with the same access controls and metadata.


Access moved files as objects in the cloud. No vendor lock-in.


Access moved files from the original tier, migrate and backup data - all without rehydration.

Komprise Dashboard

Easy handling

Data reorganisation and data structuring made easy

The handling of the intelligent data management software from Komprise is particularly simple. After you have installed the software and received the licence key from us, the software scans the files of all your data stores and offers various options for organisation or reorganisation. Analysing, archiving, moving, migrating made easy. The display and interface are also intuitive and appealing. Analyses can be extracted directly.

Do you have an acute need to restructure your data? Are you storing too much cold data on high-performance storage? Have you outgrown your data stock? Or would you simply like some information?